My web design services focus on creating the perfect online experience for your business. I transform your vision and ideas into a unique website that is not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also conveys the right message to your target audience.

Web design prices

Below you can find some standard packages.
That way you know in advance what it will cost you approximately.

Mini Website

  • Website in wordpress
  • Customized in your corporate identity
  • Up to 3 pages
  • 5 sections per page
  • Contact form
  • Ready within 2 weeks

Professional Website

  • Website in WordPress
  • customized in your corporate identity
  • Up to 7 pages
  • 5 sections per page
  • Contact Form
  • Google Maps
  • Ready within 4 weeks


1250 from
  • Website in WordPress
  • Webshop in WOOcommerce
  • Customized in your corporate identity
  • 3 pages + store pages
  • 5 sections per page
  • Unlimited number of products*
  • Sorting into categories
  • Ready within 2 weeks

Looking for the best solution for your business

Then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and together we will discuss the possibilities of working out your project.

General information

Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions. If you do have any questions, I am always ready to answer them.

Much depends on how we can plan the collaboration. At the start of the project, we put our calendars together and schedule some appointments. If all texts and other content can be delivered on time, the project will also be delivered on the predetermined date.

You can do this! Should there be additional costs, I will always state them clearly. For changes, I always wait for the client’s approval and agreement.

I’m not participating in this. As a client, you always know in advance what the website will really cost you. The quote will give you a clear overview of one-time and recurring costs.

I always deliver the requested project with the best possible optimization. In some industries, this is enough to rank high in Google. Others will require additional SEO optimizations.

Need a custom quote?

After an initial and non-binding introductory meeting, but I provide a customized quote. We discuss this quote together.

Discuss your project together?

Bart Gotemans

Freelance Webdesigner

Born in Belgium, traveling the world as digital nomad. 15 years of experience in designing and optimizing professional websites.

Bart Gotemans

Your Digital Partner.

Born in Belgium, working as a freelancer and digital nomad. Already 15 years of experience in creating professional well-functioning websites.